Better hearing at the speed of sound

MyHearingHealth provides employees with simplified access to cochlear implant surgery. This process streamlines appointments and travel to a single day experience in many cases. Employees also benefit from a respected team of specialists known for groundbreaking research and innovative treatment options, coupled with the widest selection of implants available anywhere.

Shorter time to treatment delivers long-term benefits

Traditionally, an employee’s journey from an initial assessment to receiving a cochlear implant can take several months. By redefining the payment and care delivery models for cochlear implants, MyHearingHealth can often get employees their implant with only one in person visit!

With MyHearingHealth, we can:  
  • Provide you and your employees with pricing that’s predictable and transparent
  • Increase convenience and experience for your employees
  • Minimize time off work
  • Schedule surgery faster and improve your employees’ hearing sooner
  • Extend career longevity and productivity as well as improve quality of life for employees with hearing loss

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