Caring for Children with a Complex Aerodigestive Disorder

Your Guide to Complex Aerodigestive Disorders

Difficult to manage asthma, recurrent RSV or other conditions which can affect your child’s ability to speak, eat or breath comfortably may be a sign of an undiagnosed aerodigestive disorder. While the symptoms may appear similar, the root cause of your child’s discomfort may be very different. Our pediatric care team diagnoses and treats these symptoms and many other complex aerodigestive conditions. Our depth of experience translates into expert, comprehensive care for your child.

By downloading our treatment guide, you’ll learn:

  • Some types of complex aerodigestive disorders.
  • Surgical and non-surgical treatment options for these complex conditions.
  • Why you should choose Monroe Carell’s Complex Aerodigestive Team.
If you are over 18 and looking for treatment options for complex aerodigestive disorders, please download our adult treatment guide.