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Vanderbilt Health Benefits

VUMC employees are eligible to participate in an exciting Vanderbilt Health program designed to save you a bundle of bills. The MyHealth Bundles program provides you and your dependents a concierge-level health care experience with low to no out-of-pocket costs. A patient navigator guides you through your entire care experience to ease many of the worries commonly associated with health care, allowing you to concentrate on what’s most important—your health and well-being.

VUMC is offering the following MyHealth Bundles benefits in calendar year 2023. Current bundles are MyMaternityHealth, MyHearingHealth, MySpineHealth, MyOrthoHealth and MyWeightLossHealth. Starting on Jan. 1, 2023, new bundles are MyUrologyHealth and MyRecoveryHealth. Learn more about each bundle and how to enroll by clicking on the tiles below.

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    How Does Vanderbilt’s MyHealth Bundles Program Work?

    The program “bundles” everything you need to receive the best outcomes and an enhanced care experience with low to no out-of-pocket costs.

    April's story

    VUMC Employees Love MyHealth Bundles

    Hear how the MySpineHealth bundle transformed the life of VUMC Advanced EMT April Cotten and helped her get back to the job she loves.

    Vanderbilt MyHealth Bundles FAQs

    What are MyHealth Bundles?

    Vanderbilt Health provides employers, employees and patients with an enhanced care experience through MyHealth Bundles.

    This program “bundles” and coordinates all care – exclusively through Vanderbilt Health providers – needed for specific medical conditions using an innovative, patient-centered approach. MyHealth Bundles combine state-of-the-art medical treatment with concierge patient services to ensure that you and those covered under your health plan receive world-class care quickly and easily with low to no out-of-pocket costs.

    How could the bundles program benefit me?

    Vanderbilt Health cares about you, your experience with our providers and the quality of care you receive. Patients enrolled in MyHealth Bundles will receive a concierge care experience coordinated through a patient navigator. While each MyHealth Bundle will be different, many will include:
    • Simplified scheduling for appointments and medical procedures
    • Telehealth services to supplement in-person appointments
    • More ways to conveniently connect to Vanderbilt Health’s world-class providers
    • Lower out-of-pocket costs, and in many cases, no fees at all

    What type of insurance do I need to have to be eligible?

    Employees that are enrolled in the following plans may be screened for bundle eligibility:
    • Aetna Select
    • Aetna Plus
    • Aetna Health Savers

    What will it cost to participate in a bundle?

    Employees enrolled in the Aetna Select or Aetna Plus plans will have a $0 copay and zero out-of-pocket costs, while employees with an Aetna Health Savers plan will realize MyHealth Bundles savings after meeting annual deductible requirements through their plan.

    What criteria do I need to meet to be eligible to enroll?

    • Currently pregnant
    • Prior to starting prenatal care
    • 18 or older
    • Hearing has been checked by an audiologist in the last year
    • Not related to a mechanical/equipment failure in an existing implant
    • Confirmed clinically appropriate for cochlear implant

    • Must be 18 or older
    • Condition is not related to:
      • A work-related injury
      • Tumor of the spine, kyphosis or scoliosis
      • A surgery you've had within the last 90 days
    • A covered surgery has been determined as an effective option to clinically manage ongoing pain

    MyOrthoHealth – Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis:
    • Must be older than 40
    • Pain unrelated to work injury
    • Diagnosis of osteoarthritis 
    • No history of trauma to joint
    • No previous joint replacement

    MyOrthoHealth – Hip & Knee Surgery:
    • Must be older than 40
    • Pain unrelated to work injury
    • Confirmed clinically appropriate for total joint replacement by an orthopaedic surgeon
    • No history of trauma to joint

    MyOrthoHealth – Shoulder Pain:
    • Must be 18 or older
    • Specific shoulder pain diagnoses determined by a VUMC provider but not related to:
      • A previous injury or fracture/dislocation within the last 12 months
      • A previous surgery
      • Arthritis
      • Work-related injury or motor vehicle accident

    MyWeightLossHealth – Surgical Weight Loss
    • 18 or older
    • BMI over 35
    • Not currently:
      • Pregnant
      • Diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder
      • Actively being treated for cancer or receiving any type of radiation therapy
    • No history of organ transplants
    • No weight loss surgery within the last 90 days
    • No gastric band removals

    MyWeightLossHealth - Medical Weight Loss
    • 18 or older
    • No completed weight loss surgery within the last year
    • BMI over 35
    • Not currently:
      • Pregnant
      • Diagnosed with schizophrenia
      • Actively being treated for cancer or receiving any type of radiation therapy
    • No psychiatric hospitalizations within the last 6 months

    • 18 or older
    • Previously diagnosed with a kidney and/or ureter stone
    • Told by a provider in the last 6 months that you’ll need to have a procedure or surgery to remove the kidney and/or ureter stone

    • 18 or older
    • Concerned about your use of mind-altering substances, including alcohol, opioids, and other drugs and substances

    How do I enroll?

    A MyHealth Bundles patient navigator must enroll you in the program. Click here to schedule a consult with a patient navigator.

    Phone a Vanderbilt Nurse 24/7

    VUMC health plan members can call the Appointments Direct line to find the quickest available appointment with VUMC providers. The Appointments Direct line can also connect you to a Nurse Navigator. If you are unsure of which care provider you should visit, a nurse can assess your symptoms and help you determine the best place to get care. They can also help you schedule in-person and telehealth visits, based on your needs and preferences. Call the Appointments Direct line at (855) 724-2454 and choose Option 2 to speak to a Vanderbilt nurse. 

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    Find a Vanderbilt Health Physician

    Having a primary care physician (PCP) is essential to maintaining good health. Patients who establish a long-term relationship with a PCP usually have lower medical costs and a better quality of life. If you do not have a PCP or are new to the area, Vanderbilt Health can help you find a doctor accepting new patients.

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    Well Moment

    Better Conversations. Better Health.

    Looking for guidance on new and emerging health and wellness issues that affect you and your family? The Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network (VHAN) offers an informational series called Well Moment that invites patients and families to learn from and talk directly to health experts. Well Moment webinars bring audiences trusted, current resources on a variety of health topics.