Get Back to a Good Night's Sleep

Find Sleep Apnea Care Beyond CPAP Therapy

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affects millions of people each year. Disruption to deep, restorative sleep can cause daytime sleepiness, headaches, dry mouth and more. Treatment for sleep apnea can take many forms and relieve some or all symptoms. And if you or a loved one is a CPAP user, you may be looking for more long-term symptom relief. Surgery at Vanderbilt Health can move you off CPAP and maintain restorative sleep.

Our free guide download is made to help you learn more about sleep apnea and its treatment options, so you can back to a good night’s sleep. You’ll learn:

  • Signs and symptoms of sleep apnea.
  • Potential risk factors.
  • How sleep apnea is diagnosed.
  • Treatment options, including CPAP alternatives such as surgery or INSPIRE Therapy.
  • And more.
A wide range of effective treatment options are available for sleep apnea. Whether you or a loved one are diagnosed, experiencing symptoms or want to learn more, our expert sleep specialists can help. Learn more about sleep apnea, Vanderbilt Health’s services and our available treatment options.